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We love the large service area will can provide almost as much as do our customers. Big or small, we can handle any arbor job. Here are some cities we have worked in and the wonderful people we helped along the way.

Fletcher Hills Tree Service BeforeFletcher Hills Tree Service After

fletcher hills

Our client hired Arbor Task Tree Service to remove 2 large Ash trees and grind the stumps out. The site was located in Fletcher Hills, East County San Diego, over looking the city of El Cajon. The skilled operators at Arbor Task Tree Service used a high production track mounted stump grinder, Carlton 8018. This machine is able to grind large 5 foot diameter tree stumps in minutes. The property owner remarked ” that is just amazing”.

point loma

Arbor Task Tree Service was selected to prune a splendidly large Silver Dollar Eucalyptus tree, (Eucalyptus Polyanthemos). Located in Point Loma, a coastal community of San Diego. This Evergreen Gum tree can attain a mature height of 70 feet with a crown span of 40 feet.The silvery- blue-green foliage is popular in floral arrangements. A crown reduction pruning treatment was prescribed to properly thin and take heavy limbs back. Efforts were made to have a uniform trim pattern. To open up pockets in the canopy by lacing 25 to 30% in order to decrease how much wind energy the tree captures. This is beneficial in preventing limb failure and preserving the beautiful Specimen. The recommended trimming interval is 36 months.

Point Loma BeforePoint Loma After
San Diego BeforeSan Diego After

san diego

I have used an arborist for many years to take care of my trees. When door-to-door tree trimming solicitors come, I usually don’t discuss work with them because I have been satisfied with my arborist. When Wayne came to the door I was hesitant to talk to him but I did. It didn’t take long to know that he knew what he was talking about and I liked his proposal of what to trim and lace. I usually always get multiple estimates, but based on past experience the estimate was reasonable so I didn’t ask for a senior discount! I took the estimate and more importantly the license and insurance information to verify- which I did. Wayne brought the job foreman, David, by the day before the job was to start and he went over the details with David. On the day of the job they were on time and took care in moving breakable items below the trees. The crew worked very well together and knew what they were doing. At one point they asked my opinion on changing slightly what was planned. I agreed that once some of the branches were already cut down it was easier to picture the change they were recommending and went with it. In the end, all the trimmings were hauled away including the branches that had fallen over the embankment and it was swept clean. David went over the final job and I was quite satisfied and definitely would recommend them and use them again. Thank you to Wayne, David, and the whole crew. Very professional.
Richard r.

chula vista

First time customer and we were completely satisfied with all the work that Arbor Task Tree Service Crew did today. They are Knowledgeable, Professional and A Hard Working Crew! I would totally recommend this company to anyone. It was amazing to see how fast they removed the Four Aleppo Pine Trees from our backyard. They had all the right equipment and they made sure no mess was left upon completion of work. Thank you guys, you’re all awesome!
Melissa J.
Chula Vista BeforeChula Vista After
Santee BeforeSantee After


I have four huge trees, a few medium trees and numerous bushes that needed lacing and trimming. I got two quotes and Arbor Task’s quote was about 500 less than the other one. Plus they have a very good insurance policy which helped in making my decision. They were scheduled for 7:30 am and the workers came right on time. They were very courteous and professional and listened to my concerns. It took a team of 6 guys to do the work and took over four hours. They trimmed off so much I didn’t think it would fit in their truck. But after grinding/mulching it just barely fit. At the end the owner/arborist walked through the job with me to make sure I was happy with all of the work and even had the guys clean up odds and ends. They went above and beyond and I will definitely use them again.
Rima R.