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Why Choose Arbor Task

Over 70 5 Star Reviews!

Certified Arborist
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Tree Services

No Job Too Small or Too Big

Brush & Land Services

Eliminate Any Fire Dangers

Why Choose Arbor Task

Over 70 5 Star Reviews!

24/7 Service Available: Call (619) 250-7655

Efficient, exceptional, reliable – these are just a few ways that Alman Grant’s costumers describe the job that he and his staff have done for them. If you have a pesky tree making trouble for your yard, you need Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego. They are the best when in comes to Arboricultural solutions including: Complete Tree Services including trimming and removal, stump grinding and removal, brush management and land clearing.

Stump Removal & Grinding.

We can completely remove that annoying stump.

Complete Tree Services

From Tree Trimming to Complete Tree Removal.

20 Years Of Experience

We have the equipment and know how to get the job done right!

Great Customer Support

We put our customer’s needs first, that’s why our hard working crews go out of their way to make sure the job is always done to the customer’s satisfaction. People that hire our crews, appreciate the extra effort we go to, to make sure our customers are always satisfied.

Quality Craftsmanship

There is a reason that we charge more than the guy in a pick up truck with a lawn mower and a chainsaw. We have made the extra effort to gain the Arborist Certification Credential. Because of that effort, we know that the people that do hire us appreciate that we go by the book.

San Diego Tree Experts

This is probably the greatest thing that separates Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego from many of our competitors. We are Certified Arborist with the educational background in tree heath and management. Many trees in San Diego are more fragile then they seem and knowing when and how to trim a tree for it’s optimal health is what makes Arbor Task your tree services expert.

About Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego

Alman Grant started his tree cutting business twenty years ago. He says it was a “steep learning curve”. In fact, Alman says that he continues to learn to this day. He’s learned things like how to be a good judge of character when it comes to his
costumers and employees.

The most important things Alman has learned are about himself. He’s learned how to have patience, how to have perseverance and how to keep stress from getting to him. That’s why San Diego has been lucky to have Alman Grant’s company–Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego–right in their backyard for over 20 years.

They have been serving the San Diego community by specializing in Tree Pruning, Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Root Pruning, Brush Clearing, Fire Abatement, Shrub & Hedge Pruning.

Under Alman’s leadership, Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego strives to consistently exceed everyone of their customer’s expectations. They pride themselves with being committed to providing excellent service by knowledgeable, informed professionals at a competitive price. Why don’t you call us and see for yourself?

We Are True Professionals

Tree Trimming & Removal
We want your surroundings to look beautiful and safe. That’s why we’re committed to offering our customers quality tree care services. We offer anything from tree removal to tree trimming. Our staff can safely remove trees of any size from your property. We at Arbor Task Tree Service San Diego pride ourselves on providing quality services at competitive rates. We can also offer our customers with a wide range of professional tree care services to improve and maintain the health of trees and shrubs within their property.
Stump Grinding & Removal

At Arbor Task Tree Service, we understand your specific requirements. That’s why we provide stump and root removal services. Our team focuses on customer satisfaction. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

Brush Clearing & Land Management

Arbor Task Tree Service offers conventional methods of land clearing. Efficiency is our main focus in our land clearing process.

Certified Arborist
One of the biggest obstacles Arbor Task Tree Services has to deal with is the cost of doing business in California along with the unlicensed people who target the same customers we do. That’s why we have made the effort to gain the Arborist Certification Credential. With this certificate, it puts our company on a more professional level field. In other words when you call us to come remove a tree, we don’t just show up with a chainsaw. We show up with the tools it takes to not only do the job but also to leave your yard in a beautiful condition.
Licensed & Insured Employees
When you call us, we send you the best of the best in tree removal in all of San Diego. You’re not gonna have some guy with a pick up truck and a chainsaw. All of our employees are both licensed and insured and they always put our customers first.


Not sure how much of your trees or brush you want cleared? Contact Arbor Task Tree Service and one of our team will meet with you in person.

Trusted & Certified Arborist.

Experts you can trust.

We Do The Hard Work

You sit back and enjoy

Alman G. arrived very early morning at my house to cut very large tree and remove the stump having multiple jobs that day just so the plumbing/sever repairs could proceed as plan. He was efficient,inexpensive and exceptional. Even after tree cutting job was completed he returned to aid assistance with grinding tree roots which obstructed the pipes.

– Irene Krzeminski

Very professional crew. Efficient and reliable. Careful with trees and property. Listeners to my requests and cleaned up beautifully. Will hire them again.

– Susan L Lipson

The staff introduced themselves and were great. They took care not to damage plants and did a nice job cleaning up and replacing furniture. They appeared to be knowledgeable and did a nice job trimming and thinning out at a very fair price. I will use and recommend them without hesitation.

– Donald Demko

Arbor task tree service is the best tree service in San Diego I would highly recommend them they’re very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to tree they have the best reviews in San Diego all of their work is satisfaction guaranteed they really set themselves apart from other tree service so when it comes to your trees use the best that would be Arbor task tree service.

– Wayne Shaver

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