I have used an arborist for many years to take care of my trees. When door-to-door tree trimming solicitors come, I usually don’t discuss work with them because I have been satisfied with my arborist. When Wayne came to the door I was hesitant to talk to him but I did. It didn’t take long to know that he knew what he was talking about and I liked his proposal of what to trim and lace. I usually always get multiple estimates, but based on past experience the estimate was reasonable so I didn’t ask for a senior discount!  I took the estimate and more importantly the license and insurance information to verify- which I did.
Wayne brought the job foreman, David, by the day before the job was to start and he went over the details with David. On the day of the job they were on time and took care in moving breakable items below the trees. The crew worked very well together and knew what they were doing. At one point they asked my opinion on changing slightly what was planned. I agreed that once some of the branches were already cut down it was easier to picture the change they were recommending and went with it.
In the end, all the trimmings were hauled away including the branches that had fallen over the embankment and it was swept clean. David went over the final job and I was quite satisfied and definitely would recommend them and use them again. Thank you to Wayne, David, and the whole crew. Very professional.

Richard R.